Infrasystems Towards Healthy Brazil:
Sustainable Urban Nexus (Water-Energy-Sanitation)
in the Tiete River Basin

Infrastructural systems (infrasystems) are entangled with social, technical and ecological systems at smaller and larger scales. How they are planned, implemented, managed, maintained and used has impact on sustainability outcomes. The transformation of national infrastructures, although usually implemented with the aim to improve human well-being, may carry adverse implications for human health, social relations and environmental sustainability. Yet, there is a lack of systematic and integrated evidence on the sustainability outcomes of transitions in infrasystems.

The UK-Brazil Reseacher Link workshop highlights the need for sustainable infrasystems in dense urban environments (SDG12); reduce health risks associated with the lack of appropriate infrastructure (SDG3) enhance the availability and sustainable management of water and sanitation for all (SDG6) ensuring access to affordable, reliable sustainable and modern energy (SDG7) building resilient infrastructure and cities (SDG9, SDG11). Workshop draws upon the UK and Brazil experiences of infrasystem transitions and their sustainability outcomes across different infrasystems (such as service-networked or sewage-based sanitation), in different environments (e.g. Urban, peri-urban, rural).

Transdisciplinary activities will involve non-academic stakeholders (e.g. policy-makers, government and others within the public, private and third sectors). They will be designed to build an interdisciplinary foundation towards informing decision making processes.

Workshop outcomes will have the potential to benefit research communities with interest in infrasystem transitions, in rapidly urbanising Brazil and cross-cutting themes. They will facilitate informed decision making in the near future and, in the long term, improve the lives of millions of people who rely on the provision of and access to sustainable urban infrasystems.

The UK-Brazil Researcher Link Workshop will take place online 19 July 2021 – 23 July 2021 (Programme). Participants are encouraged to form networks, exchange information and share resources towards joint research and publications (Resources area).

Call for participants

Brazil (São Paulo state institutions) applicants
Complete workshop application form PDF/word document (right click and save as) and submit by email to or complete the online form (Brazil)

UK applicants
Complete workshop application form in PDF/word document (right click and save as) and submit by email to or complete the online form (UK)

Important dates

Submit application to participate in the UK-Brazil Researcher Link Workshop by 8 July 2021 (extended till 15 July 2021)
Notification of results: 12 July 2021 (extended till 16 July 2021)
UK-Brazil Researcher Link Workshop: 19 July 2021 – 23 July 2021 (Programme)

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